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From May 13th until May 17th, we will answer 500 questions about labor market data for free. Do you have a question about the roles or talent you need to hire? For example, do you know the key pull factors for your target group? Do you need to know more about talent availability and skills globally? Send in your question for free! We have a maximum of 500 questions, so make sure you send your question in on time.

The European Talent Intelligence Week

Do you have a question about your job vacancy, or are you curious about data of your target audience? For instance, do you know the key pull factors for your target group? You can now ask us this question free of charge! During Talent Intelligence Week, we will answer all your questions, this week is the week of 13th May. This initiative aims to provide valuable insights, foster meaningful interactions, and enhance the efficiency of talent acquisition processes. We have a maximum of 500 questions so make sure you send your question in on time!

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The European Talent Intelligence Week:

The European Talent Intelligence Week is an initiative where companies can pose questions about labor market data to experts to optimize their job descriptions and recruitment strategies. Inquiries can cover a wide range of topics, including the preferred locations of your target demographic, the channels they use most frequently, their skill sets, and the most effective strategies for attracting them. We have compiled a list of 50 example questions to guide you. These are meant to serve as inspiration, allowing you to formulate your own specific questions.

Tailored Expert Guidance

Get personalized advice on writing, target demographics, and recruitment strategies at the European Talent Intelligence Week for a customized approach to your hiring needs.

Know Your Target Group

Get to know your target group and tailor your job listing to appeal to the right demographic.

Strategic Recruitment

Elevate your recruitment strategies with insights into innovative methodologies and trends at the European Talent Intelligence Week, ensuring long-term success in attracting top-tier talent.


Example questions

  • 1What are the main drivers for mechanical engineers in Berlin?
  • 2How important is sourcing/headhunting for Software developers in Greece?
  • 3Where at Europe’s Campus can you find talent with AI Skills?
  • 4What kind of employer benefits should we offer logistic employees in Poland?
  • 5Where in Europe can I find developers?
  • 6How is the job vacancy pressure forecasted for software developers?
  • 7What trend line of labor market activity should HR advisors anticipate?
  • 8What are the key labor market conditions for Java developers?
  • 9How far are data scientists willing to commute to the office?
  • 10How many hours per week do account managers desire to work on average?
  • 11Which hobbies of engineers can companies tap into for recruitment?
  • 12What is the average education level among electrical engineers?
  • 13What do production workers consider important aspects within the application process?
  • 14What negotiation points are administration staff most likely to bring up?
  • 15What percentage of software developers accepts the job offer without negotiating?
  • 16What is the expected length of the application process for account managers?
  • 17How many interviews do HR advisors expect during the application process?
  • 18What is the hourly rate difference between permanent and flexible positions for junior engineers?
  • 19What is the hourly rate difference between permanent and flexible positions for medior data scientists?
  • 20What is the hourly rate difference between permanent and flexible positions for senior Java developers?
  • 21What are the top main drivers for flexible workers in logistics?
  • 22How much of the customer service employees' group wants to live and work abroad?
  • 23For how long do logistic workers wish to work internationally at most?
  • 24What is the main reason warehouse employees want to work internationally?
  • 25What are the three most crucial needs for project managers to decide to work internationally?
  • 26In which three countries do communication advisors wish to work?
  • 27How feasible is the recruitment of electrical engineers in the current market?
  • 28Is recruiting business controllers easier in France or Spain?
  • 29Who are the top 10 competitors for attracting developers in Barcelona?
  • 30Which are the top 3 European countries for recruiting plumbers most effectively?
  • 31What are the prime cities in Europe for sourcing Java developers with specific skills?
  • 32What is the average salary for a junior data scientist?
  • 33What is the average salary for a medior project manager?
  • 34What is the average salary for a senior software developer?
  • 35How frequently do account managers change jobs, and how often do they get promoted within their current company?
  • 36Who are the leading direct employers for mechanical engineers?
  • 37Which job websites are essential for HR advisors to be present on?
  • 38What niche sites do logistic workers use for job searching?
  • 39Which orientation sources are popular among engineers when looking for new opportunities?
  • 40Which social media apps are most utilized by software developers in their job search?
  • 41What websites do customer service employees visit daily?
  • 42What is the male-to-female ratio among electrical engineers?
  • 43What is the perceived ethnicity distribution among Java developers?
  • 44What is the age distribution among data scientists?
  • 45What is the average work experience level of project managers?
  • 46How is the work experience of communication advisors distributed in terms of years in the role/skills needed?
  • 47How does the average commute time compare across Berlin, Paris, and Madrid for IT professionals?
  • 48Where is the best place to hire automotive developers?

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